An Ortega's Weaving is the ultimate icon of the Southwest. It's the product of nine generations of inventive weaving, perfected. The historic roots and expertise embedded in Ortega's Weavings are a symbol of authentic New Mexico to natives of the state and collectors worldwide.

You may personalize all items by choosing one of five signature colors to be used for the background of your piece. The other colors will be worked into a one of a kind pattern using the skillful hands and vision of an expert weaver. If you desire another color, please contact us for yarn samples. To be sure your Ortega's jacket or vest will fit perfectly, simply have measurements ready.

With precise attention to detail and with your color choice in mind, the weaver will create a one-of-a-kind pattern on a garment fashioned specifically for you. The family behind the Ortega brand personally guarantees a customized, original creation of quality and style that's tastefully timeless and exclusively Southwestern.

Please choose a category and continue shopping. In the end, you'll be the recipient of a beautifully woven garment that will last a lifetime.

Your personal Ortega's weaving is awaiting creation.
Chimayo weaving is a tradition with roots deep in old Spanish Colonial New Mexico. The tradition continues today in these beautiful
one-of-a kind garments.
As weavers for eight generations in the Chimayo tradition, our family appreciates the commitment that goes into creating
handwoven 100% wool weavings of lasting beauty.
Our woven accessories include pillows, purses, coasters, placemats and more. Shop on-line or visit us at Ortega’s Weaving
Shop and Galeria Ortega in picturesque Chimayo.